Wall Mounted Folding Ironing

Boards, Tables & Brackets


At Eureka MFG you will find folding furniture designed for space saving and convenience. With the increasing cost of residential and commercial floor space, we have developed a range of wall mounted folding furniture to make the most of small spaces. We manufacture all of our products in Ireland from locally sourced materials. We offer two types of wall mounted folding ironing boards, the compact ironing board and deluxe wall mounted ironing board that comes in a cabinet. We also have a range of folding brackets that can be used to make wall mounted folding tables or chairs. The Decorply wall mounted folding tables have recently been added to the range to replace our older painted tables.

Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

Our compact wall mounted ironing boards are supplied pre-assembled and ready to mount to a wall or suitable timber stud with no assembly required. We have a choice of colourful backing plates and hinges to spice it up a bit, the cvers are all metallic silver cotton covers with a protective coating on the operational side to make them suitable for use with a steam iron. The ironing boards fold down with one click of the release lever, great for small spaces. They are handmade in Ireland from only the best locally sourced materials.