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This is the E14.5 Gas Strut Kit which is suitable for use with the E14.5a-371-Z folding bracket. They are the perfect compliment to our wall mounted folding brackets as they provide assistance to the lifting on a table or chair and will add dampening to the drop. They are deisgned to fit within the same space as the brackets, so when the table is in the out of use position (folded down against the wall), they are slim enough to make sure the table is paralell to the wall. The standard force within the Gas Strut can be reduced by changing the angle of installation. The steeper the angle the less force it will put on the table making it useful for lighter tables (less than 30 lbs). Contact one of our team if you need assistance in selecting the best configuration. Click here to see the installation detail and examples.


The Gas Strut Kits come in four different sizes to suit each type of bracket, the E14.5, E19, E23 & E28.


Feel free to contact us at if you need any information, or check out our gallery here to see some great examples and details that have been generated for a host of different scenarios over the years.

E14.5 Gas Strut Kit

€60.00 Regular Price
€57.00Sale Price
    • E14.5 Gas Strut Kit suitable for use with E14.5a-371-Z Folding Brackets
    • Zinc Plated U-brackets and bolts
    • Masonry or timber background screws optional
    • Gas Strut force of 200N (45 pound-force)
    • Installation angle adjustable to increase or reduce force
    • Slimline design to fit between the table and the wall in the same depth as the Eureka folding bracket
    • Where a 1" pocket can be provided it can give additional dampening in the last 10 degrees of table drop
    • Standard 1 year guarantee on parts and workmanship