Gas Strut Kits FAQ

What is a Gas Strut Kit, what does it do and do I need a Gas Strut Kit?

The gas struts are used as a dampener and assist, to dampen the fall and assist the lift of a folding table or chair. We recommend using a gas strut when the weight of the table between each bracket exceeds 23kg (approximately 50 lbs).

The Gas Struts are identified by the corresponding bracket size they are intended to be used with, for example, the E19 GSK is for use in conjunction with the E19-484-Z folding brackets.

The installation details for the gas strut can be found here.

How many Gas Strut Kits do I need?

The gas struts are not an exact science due to the myriad of sizes and weights of tables or chairs. They are usually installed at the angle and dimensions you can see in the installation drawings here, and they operate as desired with a table loading of approximately 23kg (approximately 50 lbs) between each pair of brackets.

Some trial and error may be required to increase or decrease the resistance, this can be done by either using less or more gas struts or by changing the installation angle (the steeper the angle, the less resistance). There is not much scope to increase the resistance (i.e. shallower angle) as it would be problematic in the closing, the only option there would be to add a gas strut.

How do you install a gas strut kit?

The installation details for the gas strut can be found here.

The drawings entitled "Rebated Wall Installation" are the methods where the solution to the "slapping" described above has been solved by the provision of a rebate or pocket.

The drawings entitled "Standard Wall Mounted Installation" are methods where the rebate or pocket cannot be provided or where a person would guide the table by hand all the way to the storage position.

What force are the gas strut kits?

There are 4 types of gas struts to correspond with the bracket type and they are as follows;

E14.5-GSK = 200N (45 Pound-force)

E19-GSK = 200N (45 Pound-force)

E23-GSK = 250N (56 Pound-force)

E28-GSK = 300N (67 Pound-force)

Can I order and fix Gas Strut kits after I have already installed brackets?

Yes, you can order them separately and retro fit them.