Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board FAQ

What is the Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board and what is it made from?

The compact wall mounted ironing board is a hassle free small ironing board that can save you some space in a laundry room or anywhere where you need to do a little bit of ironing but you don't need the hassle of setting up a standalone ironing board and then figuring out where to store it. The ironing board folds down against the wall with an easy to use single click mechanism and measures just 1-1/2" overall from the wall when fully folded down. The compact ironing board comes fully assembled and ready to install on a wall or other suitable background surface. It is available with different colour backing plates. The backing plate and hinge are made from mild steel and finished in either a silver zinc plating or a powder coated coloured finish. The moving parts are made from zinc plated mild steel while the board is a furniture grade birch plywood covered in a metallic silver cotton cover with protective coating on the operational side.

What size is the compact ironing board?

The overall footprint of the comapct ironing board, when folded down against a wall, is 33-3/4" long x 12" wide and it projects 1-1/2" out from the wall surface. The ironing board itself is generally 32" long by 12" wide.

What size is the ironing board surface?

The board is 32" long by 12" wide.

What are the colour options and what is the difference between the colour options and the zinc plated option?

We have a range of different colour powder coated backing plates and hinges as follows; - White (RAL 9016) - Balck (RAL 9005) - Red (RAL 2002) - Light Green (RAL 6027) - Orange (RAL 2011) - Yellow (RAL 1023) - Pastel Green (RAL 6019) - Grey (RAL 7046) The coloured versions above all come with a built in iron rest that can be folded out to hold the iron while you are moving a garment around on the board. The silver zinc plated edition is our base model and does not include the iron rest.

Do you have different colour covers?

No, all of the ironing boards have the same metallic silver covers.

How does the ironing board lock into position and then fold down?

The compact ironing boards come with a variation of our patented hinge system where a continuous strut bar is fixed into a holder in the wall plate and it then slides through a sliding channel and locks in place at 90 degrees to the wall. An easy one-click release mechanism releases to strut bar and allows the ironing board to drop down to the wall.

What weight can the board support?

The ironing board is rated to support a load of 33 lbs at the outermost tip.

Does the ironing board have a support leg that extends to the ground?

No, the hinge that we provide is strong enough to support the ironing board without the need for a support leg.

What is the minimum height I can fix the board onto the wall?

The average height of an ironing board is 35" from the floor. When the ironing board is folded up into the service position the actual level of the board will be sitting slightly above the top of the wall plate, approximately 1/2". The minimum mounting height should be 33-3/4" from the floor to the top of the backing plate which will leave approximately 1/8" clearance between the tip of the board and the floor. The ironing board can overlap a 1/2" skirting board up to 5-1/2" tall. Where the skiting board is thicker than 1/2", the ironing board will not hang at exactly 90 degrees to the floor, but it should be hardly noticeable with a skirting thickness of 3/4".

Is it possible to fix the ironing board to just one timber stud?

Yes, there are staggered fixing holes in the backing plate that cater for fixing to one stud. Refer to the instructions here.

Where can I find the installation instructions?

The installation instructions for both timber frame and masonry walls are located here.

Can the ironing board be fixed to the back of a door?

Yes, but the door should be a solid door and you would need shorter fixing screws as the screws we provide are longer than the thickness of most doors. Bear in mind too that the ironing board does not lock down into position so it may move slightly when opening and closing the door.

What is the ironing surface and is it suitable for a steam generating iron?

The ironing board is made from furniture grade birch plywood and is covered with a metallic silver cotton based cover with a protective coating on the operational side. It is suitable for steam irons.

Is there any assembly and where can I get fixing screws?

There is no assembly required, it is supplied ready for installation and use. We provide the fixing screws with the unit.

Can I buy replacement covers?

Yes, we have replacement covers in the accessories section here. We also have an option when purchasing, where you can add a spare cover.

How long do the covers last?

It depends on how much ironing you do, most of our customers find they don't need to replace the cover until about 2 years of use, while some commercial customers order covers every 6 to 12 months to keep the freshest look.

Why don't I have an iron rest on the model I purchased?

You will have purchased the Silver Zinc Plated version. By default, this version does not have an iron rest attached and is the cheapest in our range.