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Our Story

 10 Years of Ironing Boards & Folding Hardware 

It all started off with the Global Downturn and Econocmic Recession that hit the world in 2008, but really hit us hard in Ireland. We decided to look at the concept of space saving furniture and haven't looked back since. Our initial range of products were the Deluxe and Compact Wall Mounted ironing boards and the fold up chair and bench.

10 years on, we are still making those ironing boards and we have added some great folding tables and chairs to the range. Our team is small and we all must, from time to time, hit the factory floor to row in and help with anything from assembly to boxing or even just sellotaping something.

It means that all of us are very familiar with all of the products and we take great pride in supplying our customers with the best quality product that we can.

Mistakes are few and far between and every process has been developed to a tee. All of the items we make are made up from parts that we source locally and of the finest quality and are all assembled by hand here in County Limerick, Ireland.

Our goal is to provide our customers with products that can save space, reduce clutter and be functional. We are delighted to have supplied our ironing boards to alot of really happy customers (and a few not too happy, but that happens too, it is hard to please everyone..).

We have developed our own patented bracket system that has provided a solution for so many folding tables and chairs and other uses that were so top secret, they couldn't let us know what they were using them for...sigh. Check out  the slider below for a list of some of the organisations we have collaborated with on a design using our folding brackets or have supplied too in the past.

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